How to get Hearthstone Packs for free?

This tutorial will only work if you haven't completed those achievements. You can do them only once on each region.What achievements am I talking about ? Android Tablet and Galaxy Gifts. First one rewards you with one pack and second rewards you with three packs + a card back.

1.Download Andyroid(PC Android emulator) + Andyrootkit (in this tutorial we used Andy v46.2 + AndyRootkit 4.1). 2.Install Andyroid. Run it.
3.Extract rootkit(doesn't matter where), run it. Choose Root Checker app to install and hit green padlock.

4.Andy should be rooted now. Verify it by running Root Checker app(installed during root process).

5.Install Build Prop Editor (you can find it in appstore).

6.Run Build Prop Editor and add new properties(+ button in upper right corner) with values shown on screen.

7.Restart Andyroid using HandyAndy(system tray).
8.Open play store and download Hearthstone. Run it.

8.Log in to your Hearthstone account.

9.Achievement completed.

10.Play game using Andyroid(you can concede).
11.Another achievement completed.

12.You should now have 4 new packs waiting for you to open.