How to get Hearthstone Packs?

To get Hearthstone Pack Codes you need to earn some coins first.
There are four ways to do this:
1.Completing offers. You can earn coins by completing offers from our sponsors. You have 3 different offer walls to choose from. 2.Referrals. Invite your friends and earn 10% of coins they earn for completing offers. 3.Lotteries. Once you have earned some coins you can try our lotteries. Purchase a ticket and cross your fingers, one person will receive the prize. 4.Gambling. Got some points and feeling lucky? Try gambling with other people. Rules are simple: create a table or join existing one, once all table spots are taken draw takes place. One person wins and gets all the bets(-5% fee for casino). Chances to win are equal for each player.

Buying packs

Once you have earned at least 15 coins you can exchange them for Hearthstone Pack Codes.

Getting cards

Got your codes? Time to redeem them. 1.Go to and enter your code. 2.Run Hearthstone game. 3.Open your pack!